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Screening for polymorphisms in the HIOMT gene and associations with circadian phenotypes
Danyella Silva Pereira; Bruna Del Vechio Koike; Amanda de Oliveira Ribeiro; Guilherme Silva Umemura; Sergio Tufik; Mario Pedrazzoli Neto
Sleep Sci. 2013;6(2):66-71 - Artigo Original
Synchronization to daylight saving-time: circadian organization of wrist temperature and rest/activity rhythms
Mario André Leocadio Miguel; Guilherme Silva Umemura; Luiz Silveira Menna-Barreto; Mario Pedrazzoli Neto
Sleep Sci. 2013;6(1):22-25 - Artigo Original
Comparison of sleep quality assessed by actigraphy and questionnaires to healthy subjects
Arturo Forner-Cordero; Guilherme Silva Umemura; Fabianne Furtado; Bruno da Silva Brandão Gonçalves
Sleep Sci. 2018;11(3):141-145 - Comunicaçao Breve